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Posted On: 8/2/2019

Living in Birchwood Homes has been an overall great experience. Since we moved here in 2015 we've recommended Birchwood to many of our family members and friends. The community is family friendly and the homes are fairly priced for whats offered.The staff has always been professional and courteous.
By: Eddie F.     Verified Resident
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Posted On: 5/12/2019

We had a wonderful time at Birchwood. Thank you Nickole and staff. Everything is wonderful and professional! I'm recommend this place for everyone with dog!!!
By: Alexander Frailey Afanasyev     Verified Resident
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Posted On: 5/1/2019

Thank you

Lovely staff and great homes
By: Anonymous     Verified Resident
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Posted On: 12/15/2018

Love the leasing office everyone there is so helpful so nice and sweet. They have decent prices and decent properties. The houses are a decent size they have different options you’re able to walk through the homes before settling down on one they have multiple different places you can have a fence you cannot have a fence. It is a quiet neighborhood. They have a dog park that is a very large fenced in area which is great because it’s not a small little place it is a huge fenced in place for the dogs to go. They also have a little play area, I have not gone because I do not have children, however I have seen it and driven by it to know that it looks like a very decent playground they also have smaller little playground scattered throughout the area that also look great so you don’t have to always go to the play area you can go to the smaller ones closer to your house they have a decent size garage and parking spaces in front of the house and they also have guest parking on every street so if your having a get together people aren’t blocking the actual road and they have like a designated parking spot to go to which is great
By: Susana Luna     Verified Resident
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Posted On: 11/12/2018

Great place to live in Fairbanks. Is close to everything you need. The houses are well kept and service is amazing. Moving here was made really easy thanks to the management office that help on every step of the process. Nicole was a great help and made me feel at home since the first day we talked over the phone. I really recommend this place.
By: Ricardo R.     Verified Resident
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Posted On: 1/18/2018

We looked at Birchwood Homes when we first arrived in Alaska and decided to rent a house in North Pole. After a winter of expensive heating bills and electric, we decided to give Birchwood a try. Nikki was great every step of the way. Very cheerful, personable, and seams to really be into her job. We looked at a few models and decided on the 5 bedroom. The biggest they have over 2000 sq ft, with heat included plus so close to everything on post, is a lot cheaper than a year of stand alone house in North Pole. Yes it is older, but when repair are needed, a easy call to the office and Nikki gets the work order in. Usually within a day things are fixed right. If you will be stationed at Fort Wainwright, and want a place that allows additional pets with no breed restrictions, give this place a look.
By: Tony C.     Verified Resident
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