Pumpkin Carving Fun

Every American has probably carved a pumpkin at some point in their lives – it’s part of the Fall experience! Since Birchwood has a pumpkin carving contest coming up, why not take your carving skills to the next level? Below you will find sources of inspiration and skills to do the job.





Some people are quite successful with creating their own designs. However, if you want a foolproof method use a stencil or template. They are easy to find on the internet and print up at home. You can find your kid’s favorite character, something ghoulish and spooky, or a great jack-o-lantern face. Angry birds and Darth Vader appear to be big hits this year. There are so many ideas it will make you head spin, so here’s a quick list of links that lead to some great ideas.



Simple, basic ideas from HGTV, for those who don’t want to get in too deep.


A great set of angry birds templates from Alphamom’s blog.


The all-encompassing, always above and beyond Martha Stewart’s pumpkin ideas and templates.


And for the ultimate inspiration, just head over to Pinterest and search “pumpkin carving.”




Though a kitchen knife and a spoon have served us well,  some interesting tools can take pumpkin carving up a notch.


This Old House has a great list.


And Martha Stewart lists all the “proper” tools.


There’s nothing quite like being up to your elbows in pumpkin guts, roasting the seeds, and then enjoying the glow of your final product. Happy carving to you all, and good luck!





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October 26, 2012

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